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Arbitration in Palm Beach County

Millions of lawsuits flood the U.S. legal system each year, and the State of Florida has its share of them. The legal system strains under the sheer number, creating a backlog. As a result, some suits are not heard in court for months -- if not years. No matter what side of an issue the individual or business is on, dealing with legal issues is a time-consuming, expensive process and can be very disruptive to the flow of business, personal life and well-being. Although many lawsuits are destined for the courtroom, a number of disputes can be resolved by alternate means. For many, it makes sense to settle legal disputes in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. This makes arbitration an attractive option for individuals and businesses to settle certain types of legal disputes.


What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a private method of dispute resolution between two or more parties and is resolved by an impartial arbitrator or “referee.” Cases also could be handled by retired judges or other specialists. All parties must agree to this method, unless court ordered. Unless otherwise agreed, they must abide by the arbitrator’s decision. In Palm Beach County, ARC Mediation's qualified arbitrators can help you settle your dispute without the cost and time of taking a case to court.


Why Does Arbitration Work?

Arbitration has become a popular form of alternative dispute resolution, mainly for its economic benefits. It’s less expensive than taking a legal dispute all the way to court. In addition to the decreased cost, the time it takes to resolve a case in arbitration is significantly less than the amount of time required for a lawsuit to be brought to court.  It is, however, still legally binding. Another benefit for many clients is the ability to select the arbitrator, a significant difference from the courtroom setting where judges are assigned to the case without the disputants’ input. If you have a dispute in Boca Raton, Wellington, West Palm Beach or anywhere in Palm Beach County, our qualified arbitrators might be able to help you resolve your case.


Some cases might not be suitable for arbitration, including criminal matters and some family law disputes. Certain cases might only be arbitral in specific portions of a legal dispute, which makes each case unique in its proceedings. The complexity surrounding arbitration cases is one of the most important reasons that individuals and businesses should seek the assistance of experienced and qualified arbitrators who can guide you through your choices.


Opt-Out Option

Have you been contractually obligated to other arbitration companies and found the experience less than efficient and too costly? Consider choosing ARC to arbitrate your dispute. Please see our list of qualified arbitrators and download an opt-out form for both parties to use ARC Mediation for your arbitration.

ARC Mediation provides arbitration services in Palm Beach County, including the cities of Boca Raton, Jupiter, West Palm Beach and other locations all over Florida.